Citius, Altius, Fortius. Faster, Higher, Stronger. The words of the Olympic motto are an inspiration for the construction industry. Every project manager aspires to reduce the time taken for completion of his project. Faster completion leads to enhanced profits. Structures in urban and semi-urban areas are reaching for the sky. Paucity of land has lead to rising costs which keeping pushing structures higher. And finally, it’s the strength of the structure that determines both its life and value.

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To lead the technological revolution in construction through innovation


To enrich the industry by offering greater value through our innovative product range.


Innovation using technology and superior product design


Construction, Renovation and Repair Solutions

Mortar & Plaster Products

Modern technology ensure the perfect bond while constructing Brick and Mortar structures. Traditional hand-mixed mortar is by far inferior on all parameters.

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Renovation & Repair Products

Reapir Solutions

Adding life to aging structures, the renovation and repair range of products provide great value. Even small projects can now afford to use the best technology.

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External cladding of walls relies heavily on adhesives. The tile adhesives created by Alccotech incorporate the latest innovations used across the globe.

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Automated Plant based on

For  better quality, long lasting & smooth finish

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For quality building material for your project

For large scale projects and custom requirements