About Us

About Alccotech

Citius, Altius, Fortius. Faster, Higher, Stronger. The words of the Olympic motto are an inspiration for the construction industry. Every project stake holder aspires to reduce the time taken for the completion of his project. Faster completion leads to enhanced profits. Structures in urban and semi-urban areas are reaching for the sky. Paucity of land has lead to rising costs which keep pushing structures higher. And finally, it’s the strength of structure and it’s ability to withstand the ever aggressive environment that determines both its life and value.

It is with these very objectives that Alccotech was formed.  A group of Industry Professionals with decades of experience have come together.  Alccotech products are created with the most contempory technology, using inputs that conform to the finest standards.  In these competitive times, costs need to be controlled without compromising standards.  Alccotech has designed all its products with these principles in focus.

Our Team

The Alccotech team hosts a diverse range of expertise and experience.  At the helm of the team is a board that has some of the most experienced and known industry professionals.  No team is complete without entrepreneurial skill.  Alccotech is fortunate to have that too in ample measure.

Our Professionalism

The group has carved a niche in the field of manufacturing and supplying construction material with the help of our skilled and dedicated workforce. The group has expertise in the process of formulating Cement, Microfine Materials, Readymix Concrete etc and this expertise has helped us in securing bulk orders from numerous clients spread across the country. Our ability to serve the clients is the cause that we are highly appreciated in the industry.


To lead the technological revolution in construction through innovation


To enrich the industry by offering greater value through our innovative product range.


Innovation using technology and superior product design

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Built to International Standards

Alccotech has state-of-the-art gobal technology incorporated in a fully automated computerised plant

State-of-Art Reasearch Center

Alccotech boasts of a State-of-Art Research Centre which is equipped with the latest facilities and technology to carry research and innovation

Wide Range of Building Materials

The plant has the capability of producing upto 25 different products to meet the different needs of the structures

Power Mixers

Alccotech has choosen ploughshare mixer for batch operation which uses the mixing and fluid process introduced to mixing technology by Lödige. High-quality mixes are achieved through equipment with tools which are adapted perfectly to the respective task.

Consistant Quality Product

Consistency of the product is ensured thorugh use of Sand Pro-Sizer and automated Load Cell Batching.

Customized Products

Plant has the flexibility to produce with high degree of customization for different specifications.