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Alccoplast is a Ready Mix Plaster that is blended to perfection. Any construction professional will tell you that the key to achieving the ideal attributes in a plaster mix is the proportion of sand and cement. Of course even more important is the quality of the sand and cement used to produce the mix.
The ingredients used to create Alccoplast conform to the highest quality standards. They are produced in conformance with international standards, in order to ensure optimum results.
Using a Ready Mix Plaster ensures consistent quality and maintains a uniform standard that delivers great benefits.

The different types of Plaster Mortar available are:

  • Alccoplast (GP) General Purpose Plaster Mortar
  • Alccoplast (MR)  Plaster Mortar for Machine Application
  • Alccoplast (SC) Self Curing Plaster Mortar
  • Perfect Blend of raw materials with advanced polymers
  • Good workablity
  • Strong Adhesion to different types of surfaces


Long Lasting Protection

Alccoplast is a perfect blend of cementious materials with graded Alccosand (plaster sand) and advanced polymers, to give good workability, strong adhesion and optimum mechanical properties to produce a smooth, hard and durable protective layer of plaster.
By using Alccoplast, you are assured of consistent plaster strength across any area and even across different projects. Alccoplast readymix plaster provides a strong protective external and internal layer each time, every time.

Clean and Efficient

Alccoplast comes premixed in a consistent proportion packaged accurately in bags which enables you to carry out plastering in a most clean, neat and efficient manner with a low level of wastage.
Alccoplast is a ready to apply product which only needs water to be added on site thereby completely eliminating tedious onsite storage and mixing of different materials; thereby speeding up the entire process.

Superior Adhesion

Clean Alccosand is free from organic matter and contains speciality polymers, provides superior adhesion to any substrate; ensuring less rebound loss and saves repair costs.
Alccoplast is designed to ensure good adhesion on varied application surfaces. This leads to longer plaster life and greater protection both externally and internally.

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